Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hidden again

Tomorrow I'll ride the xtracycle in the homecoming parade. Gonna load it up with stuff and top it with a sign that says 'You don't need a car to haul all your stuff'. Should be a fun do.

The Kid and I ate dinner with Greg tonight along with Jim S. and Paul from New York, the Catskill Mountains. Jim wouldn't be quiet.

So far this year ... 7700 miles on the bicycles, 1500 miles on the car.

Since the last post here way back in May, I've ridden across Iowa (RAGBRAI) on the xtracycle, and decided to become a recumbent rider with the purchase of a used Bacchetta Corsa. Way cool bicycle.

Just in case you are wondering, that was back in the sweltering September heat, not the chilly cool that is Kentucky now.


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