Thursday, December 28, 2006

Check out this guy

I passed 9,000 miles riding today on the bicycle. The car miles are at 6,582. That includes 3 trips to South Carolina. I'll probably have another 250 on the car before the year is up because I'm going to Nashville to pick up the Kid.

He's going with Big Brother (my big brother) to a Titan's game. Between the paintball gun he got from his uncle Mike, the rifle shooting session at his Uncle Mike's, and the football game, and copious amounts of heavily supervised time with his girlfriend, he's been busy in overly heterosexual type activities. All he really needs to complete the ensemble is a cigar, and hopefully condoms.

Which brings me to a delightful turn of events. After spending some time in the LBS looking at 'stuff' the kid comes over to where I was checking out rock climbing gear (though WHY I don't have a clue)... and says... 'check out this guy' and motions for me to follow him.

I expect to see some strange person from the way he said it, but he leads me outside to see a STUNNING sunset. There have been three sunsets to match this one in my life.

One was in October, 1973 when I was traveling to Columbia SC to see Virgil Fox play an organ concert. Another was in the summer of 1980 in the Austrian Alps. The third one was tonight.

He had said 'check out the sky'. Together we stayed outside and watched until the colors had faded away.


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