Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Town Nut

This past Sunday going to church I rode my ‘cruiser’ bike, the one with the fenders. There was no way I was going to drive anywhere on the last day of the year. Heavy rain was in the forecast, but when I left home it was just drizzling. I packed a poncho and took my chances that it would be somewhat clear when I had to return home.

When I got to church the bicyclist who had ridden last week also rode her bike. If I were straight I would SO ask that woman out! Alas…. At any rate I would’ve lost serious face had I driven the car.

It was pouring after church and it wasn’t showing any signs of letting up. Plus, the usual after church crew wanted to go eat out and I wanted to join them. The offers for rides came fast and furious, and really it wouldn’t have hurt to take anybody up on their kindness, but solutions come to me best when I'm in the thick of things. So I said I would meet up with them at the restaurant which was 5 miles the other direction from my house, donned my poncho and took off.

I figured out how to stay comfortable on a cool/cold, windy, rainy day with a 16 mile ride. My legs got a bit wet at first, but I put the edge of the poncho over the handlebars and that solved that problem. The poncho acted like a sail and the 10 mph wind slowed me down considerably, but I wasn’t getting soaked. In fact, I was staying pretty dry. HOT DAMN! Passing cars saw me grinning the great big smile in the cold wind and rain.

I’m officially my town’s ‘nut on a bike’.